fingerprint security, access control systems
fingerprint security, access control systems

Fingerprint Security

Fingerprint Security And Access Control Systemsaccess-control-installations

When it comes to setting up a security system for your business, take the time to consider fingerprint security. This type of security is often called biometric security systems. Fingerprint security involves the capturing of your staff members fingerprints along with their personal particulars. Each staff member’s details are recorded and allowances are set accordingly. This means that they will only be provided with access to certain areas within the business, and certain information. Fingerprint security systems are ideal for ensuring that non authorised people do not gain access to your business premises.

Fingerprint security is ideal for any sized business. Not only does it protect your premises, assets, valuable and staff members from potential harm, it also assists with more effective payroll processes as it can double up as a time and attendance monitoring system. Access controls using fingerprint security is absolutely effective on every level. In fact, when installing such a system you can expect for a great deal of previously existing security risks within your business to be eliminated.

IDtek Solutions is a South African company with a wide variety of fingerprint security products and features on their catalogue. If you aren’t sure which type of fingerprint security system would be ideal for your business, simply chat to one of the friendly consultants who will go over your budget, needs and requirements with you. Ultimately, the security system you choose will depend on your available budget and the level of security you are training to achieve for your company.

If you are looking for a state of the art fingerprint security and access control system then you have certainly come to the right place. You can expect all the products offered to you to be able to completely protect your business and its assets.

Professional Access Control Installation

When installing a security system on your property, make sure that you pay special attention to the access point to the property as well as the structures on the property. Professional access control installation will assist you in choosing the right security equipment and devices to maximise your security in these areas. One of the first devices to consider are security cameras to monitor these areas. Security cameras deter criminals from attempting to gain access to your property as well as allowing you to monitor or record any activity at the access points to your property.

The cameras can be used in conjunction with an intercom system that will allow you to communicate with any person wishing to enter your property. You can use magnetic gate locks to remotely allow a person access via a pedestrian gate. Vehicle access can be controlled using the same type of magnetic lock as well as a motorised gate system which can also be remotely controlled. Remotely controlling access prevents you from having direct contact with people who may have less than savoury intentions. Make sure that you have expert access control installation for all these security products.

Access control can also be important inside a building or structure. Some areas may need to limit access to certain employees while keeping visitors and other unauthorised personnel out. Password activated keypads can help in controlling who can enter theses areas. The keypad can release a magnetic locking mechanism once the correct password has been entered into the device. Intercom systems and security cameras will add the benefit of being able to view and converse with people outside the restricted access area as well as give you further control over who can gain access.

Contact IDtek Solutions for more useful information and advice on their extensive range of security products and systems today.

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