fingerprint security, access control systems
fingerprint security, access control systems

Analog Video Surveillance

Analog Video Surveillance Systems Available At Cost-Effective Rates

In this day and age it is absolutely essential to protect one’s business premises, assets, products and staff members. This is most often done with the installation of an IP surveillance system or analog video surveillance system. Analog surveillance systems are popular for use in most businesses and for many reasons. This type of surveillance system processes and transmits a signal in analog format. It is viewed from one central location.

Analog video surveillance systems have a low initial set up cost attached. Analog surveillance cameras are also extremely compatible. This particular type of surveillance system is so versatile that one can easily mix and match various types of CCTV cameras and equipment when setting up the system. Analog surveillance systems are particularly good at recording and monitoring in low-light situations. What’s more is that this type of security system is easy to install and even easier to operate.

When approaching professional security companies such as IDtek Solutions, you can expect to be provided with a top quality product which will be professionally installed for you. You can also expect to be shown how to operate the system properly.

IDtek Solutions has been servicing the South African security market for many years and is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its clients business premises, stock, productivity and staff members at all times. What’s more is that you can approach any of their staff members for advice on their products and services at any time. In fact each and every staff member has a wealth of valuable information and advice on the product range to offer you.

Take the time to contact IDtek Solutions for more useful information and advice on their analog video surveillance systems and services today. With their assistance you are guaranteed to obtain the best security system on the market at the most cost-effective rate.

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