corporate security products
corporate security products
corporate security products

Corporate Security Products

New Corporate Security Products Meet The Changing Needs Of Business

At no time in the past has there been such an acute need for South African businesses to cut waste and improve productivity. Competition from others in the global market and the aftermath of recession has created the need for CEOs to start managing their costs far more effectively. Pilferage by employees and customers has traditionally been a significant source of loss and one that now needs to be addressed by greater vigilance rather than budgetary provisions. Fortunately a new breed of corporate security products is making this both possible and attractively cost-effective.

In manufacturing environments and retail outlets the perennial problem of shrinkage is now being addressed with closed circuit television surveillance. CCTV cameras discretely positioned in known hot spots mean that the would-be perpetrators can no longer conceal their actions and are proving to be a far greater deterrent than the traditional practice of random body searches. Saved footage of any misconduct is easily retrieved and provides acceptable proof of guilt to secure a prosecution if necessary.

As corporate security products in a variety of industries these cameras have far more applications than just shrinkage control. In many situations, monitoring staff activities leads to less time wastage and greater productivity whilst, in many manufacturing plants today, CCTV surveillance is playing a role in overseeing production lines as an effective form of ongoing quality control. Once more, stored footage can be used in disciplinary hearings or in protecting a company from unjustified liability suits brought by employees claiming compensation for work injuries incurred through carelessness.

Checking the Comings and Goings

Other corporate security products that have undergone massive improvements to their scope and effectiveness are access control systems. Few companies rely any longer on a guard to keep records and issue passes and even the practice of swiping access cards or using a keypad to enter security codes may soon be a thing of the past as modern biometric access control systems begin to replace their less effective predecessors.

Several biometric parameters may be used to identify an individual accurately. These include voice prints, retinal and iris patterns and fingerprints among others. Among the most effective new corporate security products for access control are those based on fingerprint recognition or proximity. The result is a far more flexible system that is easily adapted to meet the changing needs within a company.

While access codes and security cards may be exchanged at will, biometric data is highly personal and not readily duplicated. Systems such as these are ideal for maintaining a record of an individual’s movements through various access points and may be used to grant or deny access according to the individual’s security clearance definition.

These corporate security products can provide a much improved alternative to the conventional clocking in and out procedure with the use of fingerprints acting to totally prevent the common practice of clocking another workers card to cover their absence or “buddy” clocking as it is popularly known. PC software integrated into these systems can ensure an accurate, real-time, record of the hours genuinely worked by each employee.

New technologies are meeting the vital new needs of companies more effectively than ever. For quality corporate security products that will meet your needs, contact us today.

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