corporate security solutions
corporate security solutions
corporate security solutions

Corporate Security Solutions

Effective Corporate Security Solutions Now Vital

It is one thing to concern oneself about the security of the office when the day is done and the staff has left but just how effective is this kind of coverage? The fact is that the risk to business premises is as great, if not greater than, outside of working hours, suggesting that a more comprehensive system would offer a greater degree of reassurance. Motion sensors and circuit breakers may deter to some extent but are no substitute for the access control and CCTV surveillance facilities of today’s leading corporate security solutions.

With such facilities at one’s disposal, security measures are now more effective than ever and require less human intervention. The strategic deployment of just a few video cameras means that a single guard is normally enough to maintain a close and continuous watch on all of the company’s more vulnerable areas as well as monitoring the internal movements of staff and clients. With a suitable broadband connection, it’s now possible for the boss to take a glance at things from home.

New Technologies for a Tighter Ship

Corporate security solutions have become far more advanced in recent years and access control no longer means simply appointing someone to man a boom or gate armed with a notebook and some name tags. Modern biometric access control systems are able to identify people by parameters such as fingerprints or retinal patterns and to use these to keep a record of their movements in and out of certain areas or even to restrict access to specific secure areas to those with the appropriate clearance.

This component of biometric corporate security solutions may be readily adapted for use in place of the old-fashioned clock card with entrance and exit times used directly to calculate actual hours worked while eliminating any possibility of fraud that could result from the common practice of “buddy” clocking.

The computerised nature of these and other modern systems along with the inclusion of smart software extends their potential well beyond that of the older and more conventional security measures.

There are no One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

To be effective, corporate security solutions need to be tailored to the specific needs of each client and not simply a matter of installing some pre-packaged kit. A reputable security specialist will normally assist clients with a thorough professional inspection of the premises to be protected and make recommendations from experience and based upon the findings.

In conducting the detailed security audit, an experienced service provider such as IDtek will take into account the need to protect not just the more valuable items of equipment but all of a company’s assets including its information and its staff members. Corporate security solutions must be designed not just as a deterrent and preventative measure but must also allow for rapid intervention in the unlikely event that a security breach may still occur.

One of the advantages of modern systems is that they employ disc storage for security footage rather than tape. This means a greater number of records may be kept for longer as well as making an individual record simple to access in a matter of seconds.

For the ultimate in corporate security solutions contact the industry leader for top quality products to meet every possible need.

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