Parking Management

Parking Monitoring / Pay On Foot

Parking Monitoring systems are deployed where management experiences traffic flow and parking difficulties.
Sometimes there is a severe lack of parking because parking bays are allocated to individual employees. This means that certain bays stand empty while many employees were either being denied parking or being forced to park elsewhere.
Solutions can be deployed such that the user is informed upon arrival both at the main entrance and at each parking level how many parking bays are available and in which location.

Pay on Foot

Pay-on-Foot (POF) solutions comprise an entry terminal for ticket issuing, an exit terminal including ticket reader, barriers and a pay station. The advantages for the end user include: an easy to read display, a user friendly interface, payments by coin, banknote and card. A video monitoring link is available if required. The functions for the parking operator include accurate change counting and transaction reporting, back-office management software, direct manager to customer communications link, and barcode encryption.

IDtek supplies and installs various Parking Monitoring and Pay-on-Foot Systems to client specifications.

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