Fingerprint Recognition
Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition technology available through IDTek

We offer a wide range of fingerprint recognition solutions of which one is the revolutionary USB fingerprint recognition device that can be used with secure desktop or notebook applications.

Introducing SAGEM Morphosmart TM 1300

The compact device includes innovative and sophisticated software technology that allows for 1:1 verification. It also allows for 1:N identification. The compact device includes some impressive security features and with a wider than normal scanning area, the device ensures better performance, higher accuracy, and improved security. The scanning surface has been developed to improve fingerprint recognition capabilities.

It is a robust device that can be used on site and is exceptionally well-suited for scanning, identification or authentication on campuses, voting stations, and any place where access control is essential.

What makes it well suited for the above purposes is that matching can be done at a local terminal while remote matching is also possible. In the latter case the hosting server will be used for the provision of encrypted data and for checking the integrity of the data received. The SAGEM Morphosmart TM 1300 also includes a software development kit for customisation of functions according to your needs. The software kit makes it possible to use the device with any type of host application.

Since the matching is done internally the risk of security breaches is minimized. In addition two security modes are offered:

  • Host checks data integrity
  • Encrypted data exchange

View the SAGEM device and other technologies offered through IDTek for fingerprint recognition at our products page. Contact us to help you make the right choice that will address your security requirements.

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